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Where is President Obama’s Adminstration on the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

April 28, 2010

I notice that President Obama is just now getting involved in the oil slick that has been gushing from the floor of the gulf of Mexico since last week.  I bet he will begin to blame the company that is responsible for the oil rig, first thing.  It will be their fault, even thought the government  has done nothing, except for the Coast Guard.  But if the Coast Guard is part of government response, then Katrina’s response was FAST, because the coast guard was on the job right away after Katrina.  Not a week later, like with this Obama mess now. 

President Obama’s Lackadaisical Attitude Towards “War on Terror’ Lead to The Breaches in Security on December 25th, 2009

January 7, 2010

All of the failures of this adminstration and the lack of an attitude of concern for the safety of the American people caused all of the terrorist attacks in the USA in 2009.  The president’s lack of calling this a ‘war on terror’ and his trying to make friends with the enemies who wish us harm and will kill us no matter what we do or say to them is another problem.  Muslim terrorists are at war with us but the President doesn’t seem to realize that.  The adminstration, including analyists and even the HLS Secretary, are all at ease and relaxed when it comes to terrorism, because the adminstration is the same way.  They don’t take serious the threats, that is why the people who should have caught this problem, were out of town and on vacation and did not return until AFTER the attack, more than a few days after the attack, to address the issue.  President Obama’s remaining on vacation 10 days after the incident, speaks volumes about his lack of seriousness of terrorism. 

I honestly believe that the president believed in his mind, that terrorists would cease being angry at us now that he was President.  His potentially being a muslim in itself, makes me think that he has left this an open ended question to allow terrorists to fall in love with Mr. Obama.  His apology tour into the middle east, obviously did not affect terrorists attitude towards the United States.  This gives you a clue. 

From Sept 2009: 

September 25, 2009 – I thought with the election of Barack Hussien Obama, that terrorists were going to quit hating America, and give up all of their plans to bomb us and take us out?  What’s happened?  I thought that if we just all tried to get along, and talk to our enemies, that the world would be a peaceful place, hence the election of Barack Hussien Obama.  Interesting that these terrorists who have been arrested over the past couple of days, don’t seem to care who is the leader of the free world, they just hate America, and don’t care who is the president.  That doesn’t seem to stop them from their planning and scheming to bomb us and kill Americans.  I said all along it wouldn’t matter.Thank GOD for the FBI and the CIA in disrupting these plots.  I wonder how Nancy Pelosi feels now about the CIA? Are they lying about these terrorists plots?   This is a wake up call for America again.  We better not go to sleep.  We better keep our eyes open.


Five Terrorist Attempts/Attacks on the USA THIS Year 2009

December 30, 2009 – This is Your Responsiblity Mr. Obama

It has been an interesting year this year with President Barack Hussien Obama.  It seems that PBO’s goal this year has been to downplay any attempted and or actual attacks against the United States.  I’ve noticed a pattern with this president, that he seems to down grade any attack that is done by a muslim.  We have had the shooting of the soldier by a muslim at the recruiters office in Arkansas, a  plot foiled by muslim,  Najibullah Zazi, the terrorist attack by a muslim at Ft. Hood, and now we’ve had an attack, an actual ignition of a bomb in an airplane, over US soil, by another muslim terrorist from Nigeria.  How is it that when president Obama was running for president, he complained about the lack of the Bush adminstration in doing what it takes to keep us safe from another terrorist attack, but yet, during his watch, we’ve had FOUR attempts/attacks within his first year?  Could it be that terrorists see the President as weak, and lax in his demeanor about the war on terror?  Immediately upon his becoming President, he changed the war on terror to a man made catostrophe.  Excuse me, Mr. President, in case you haven’t noticed, we are being attacked while you are attempting to appease the very people you think you can speak nicely to change their minds about us.  Those people don’t care about your fancy words.  They only care about terrorizing the American people. 

You have made us weak and vunerable in your lack of leadership and fear of the word war, not just the word war, but war in general.  You are a war time president, no matter how you try to change the words to try to convince the stupid people that its not really a war.  The attacks continue and you continue to try to appease and coddle terrorists.  You don’t seem capable of the fortitude it takes to take on our enemies who are still continuing to try to come after us.  What would have happened if this terrorist had actually been successful in blowing up an airplane?  Would you have had your homeland security folks try to find any other reason for it blowing up than an actual bomb?  Your homeland security sec. is out of her league.  She is incompentent.  She would prefer to blame Americans and the Bush administration for this catrostophic failure than to accept the blame for her lack of ability to be a compentent person in charge of homeland SECURITY. 

Mr. President, if you are upset that you are being criticized, after waiting more than 3 days to come out and give the American people an explaination about the events that took place on Christmas Day, in the Christmas Day terrorist attack on an airplane over Detroit, you did this to yourself.  You and the democrats blamed President Bush for every little tiny, small thing that didn’t go the way you felt it should.  This is pay back for the way you and the democrats handled the office of the presidency when you were not in power, and now you get to feel how it is when you are blamed and chidded endlessly about things you have no control over.  Mr. President, the buck stops with you, and you own this mess now.  Your failure to update and upgrade security for us, that you criticized President Bush for, is now your responsiblity.  But as you constantly blame the Bush adminstration, who has not been in office for a year now, you will continue to fail to take responsibility for any of these attacks. 

I hope your eyes are opened and you realize that we are at war with an enemy who dosn’t wish to talk fancy words with us, but wish to KILL Americans, that you are responsible for keeping safe.  That is your number one priority.  Even healthcare, economy, cap and trade take a back seat to the threat of terrorism, that is now alive and well.  We had no attacks of this nature during the Bush adminstration after 9-11, maybe you should take some pointers from them, and how they kept us safe.  You would do yourself well to learn from the previous admistration that you are so fond of blaming for YOUR lack of leadership and ability to keep us safe.


President Obama, You Are Responsible For This…

obama flag draped

Mr. Obama, you are personally responsible for the death of those people who are in those coffins.  Your lack of leadership, your inability to make a decision with reguard to Afghanistan, and with quagmire that has become Afghanistan, YOU, are responsible for this.  Your general told you 3 months ago what he needed to win the war, and your bumbling of this decision, like the times you only voted present, have caused these deaths. 

Things will not get better, infact, our enemies in Afghanistan are taking advantage of  your lack of decision making.  Making those tough decisions are hard to make, but that is the job of President.  When your experience has been to vote present, and to delegate all of your obligations in your adminstration to associates and congress, then yes, I can see why you are struggling with this tough decision. 

This is not time to play politics.  And you don’t need to listen to people like John Kerry who has stabbed his fellow soldiers in the back in the past.  If you can’t get a handle on this war, and make “win” as your goal, bring home all of the troops immediately, or there will be more flag draped coffins for you to stand beside and salute.  Only you can make this decision, and I want you to make the right one, and that is to follow the recommendations of your hand picked commander on the ground.   

President Obama and the White House vs Fox News??

Since when does the President of the United States of America, declare war on a news organization?  Certainly if any president had reason to declare war on a news organization, it was President Bush on CBS, New York Times, and MSNBC.  President Bush had thicker skin than President Obama apparently has.  This cry baby, bellyaching about Fox news is beneath what the President of the United States should be focusing upon at this time in history.  Is he so thin skinned that he can’t accept when actual FACTS about his administration make it to the light of day and then certain people end up having to quit in the dead of night after the revelations? 

Our country is in serious trouble with a huge deficit, unlike anything the Bush administration gave us in an entire 8 years (including the 2 wars), unemployment unlike anything we’ve seen since the early 1980’s, terrorism, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The war in Afghanistan has gotten worse, and we’ve lost more troops this year than in any other year than the entire war combined.   The president was given recommendations by his hand picked General for Afghanistan almost 3 months ago, and he has yet to respond to the troop levels that were requested of the General.  Why declare war on Fox news, unless this is the only war you feel capable of winning, Mr. Obama? 

There is a lot on the plate of this President, but he is more worried about someone saying a critical word about his administration and  his policies than focusing on the real issues at hand.  I never thought I’d see this guy doing this.  But then again, I did suspect he was narcissistic, before the election, and people who are like that, can’t accept any criticizism of themselves in any way, shape, or form.  It is almost as if he has become a sociopath with regard to his inability to accept any criticizism.  He was spoiled during the campaign with being wooed and worshiped by the Main Stream Media and citizens and now he doesn’t know how to accept criticizism, which every president eventually receives from the media.

Mr. President, PLEASE, for the sake of the United States of America, start paying attention to the issues that are most troubling for this country.  Quit blaming this mess on President Bush.  You’ve had plenty of opportunities with your signature pen to make a difference in the economy, but instead, you’ve allowed the most corrupt people in the congress to construct YOUR legislation, which has increased the problems we have.  

End this silly war with Fox News Mr. President.  It makes you look very weak, immature, and lacking in judgment.  You do not appear presidential when you declare that Fox News is not news, but more like a radio talk show.  You should not try to prevent Fox News from speaking to people from your administration.   A boycott of Fox, is not going to work.  Fox News has the highest ratings for news than any other News on TV COMBINED.  You are stuck with Fox.  My suggestion for you is to clean out your White House and rectify your policy, so they won’t have to continue to reveal all of the wildly radical agenda’s you have and the radical people you have working for you. 

And one last word, to those of you who would claim that I’m a racist, because I have criticizism of this President, let me just say, his skin color, race, ethnicity, citizenship etc, dosn’t matter one bit to me.  He was elected as the President of this country, and as such, represents all of us, not just himself and his cronies.  I am critical of his policies and his silly war on Fox.  His race is irrevalent to this discussion, and I hope more people come to this conclusion, because this declaring racism at any criticizism of the President, just dosn’t cut it.  I hope we will get past this silliness of declaring racism if you criticize the President’s policies. 

To Rush Limbaugh: Please Sue the Lying, Lynching, Media! Defend Truth in the Courtroom, Where It Counts

Put this dishonest media in their place.  They can’t keep lying about people without some consequences for their actions and words.  The lynching you’ve received needs to be addressed.  I beg you, for the good of our country, and in defense of Conservativism, PLEASE sue the crap out of those liars!  They need to be taught that they can’t lie about people repeatedly.  Just because you repeat a lie enough, dosn’t make it fact.  Liberal bloggers like Kos, HuffPo etc., have convinced the liberal media that if they repeat a lie enough, it will be taken as truth.  You must stand up for truth.  You’ve been lied about and you MUST for the sake of those of us who have stood with you all of these years; sue those people.  Make them face the consequences for their corrupt actions. 

You were treated the way liberals believe all conservatives should be treated. What that means is no free enterprise for any of us.  We aren’t entitled to or deserve it, even if we have, by the sweat of our brow, earned every penny we have to be part of the free market of this country.  Conservatives are the ones liberals want to strip of all of their money, their freedom, and their beliefs.  They want us to roll over and become a whipped puppy, with its tail between its legs.  You must not allow them to get away with this. 

This is bigger than just you Rush, its bigger than just your listeners, it’s about the MORAL responsibility to put liars in their place, and reveal who they are with a price that will make them learn they can’t lie about people and get away with it.  This is about intellectual honesty for the media and for politicians, who have lied about you.  I reference Sheila Jackson Lee, from my own state, as one who needs to learn a lesson about telling the truth, and not believing the lies, which have no facts to back them up. 

Sincerely, Daisy Maxwell  October 15, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is Being Smeared by Rev Jackson/Sharpton Who Don’t Appear to Agree With Private Enterprise and His Involvement in the Purchase of St. Louis Rams

Rush rams

October 14, 2009 I’ve noticed that Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev Jesse Jackson are writing letters to the head of the NFL, claiming that Mr. Limbaugh has made racist statements etc and shouldn’t be “entitled” or given the “privledge” of owning an NFL football team.  Now, I’d like to know when did these two men get it into their heads, that they had the right to tell anyone what any American could or could not buy in this free counrty?  Who do they think they are that they can try to prevent Mr. Limbaugh’s purchase in partnership of the St. Louis Rams football team?  It is amazing to me that these guys think they are so superior to everyone else, but these men, have themselves, been racist towards other races. 

I’m glad that Mr. Limbaugh is considering legal action against the journalists and the media who have misquoted him over and over.  http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_101309/content/01125108.guest.html



Mr. President, Why the Rush on Healthcare, and NO Rush for Afghanistan?

October 11, 2009

I have to ask WHY is the President in such a rush to get healthcare passed so fast, so quickly, 1/6th of our economy, completely changed.  Majority of Americans polled do not agree with the healthcare plans that they’ve been allowed to see.  So far, all that we have had access to is the House plan, and we disagree with it.  Why the rush?  Why not allow for debate and allow congress to read the bill?  Why not allow the American people (who are not so stupid) to read the bill online? 

Afghanistan.  We have troops in the field, DYING every day in Afghanistan now, but President Obama, you’ve put this on a back burner and are not in a rush to take care of our troops on the ground.  Is there a reason for delaying on this?  Why allow more troops to die without proper troop levels to defeat our enemy? 

Is this how you plan to run the healthcare system once you fundamentally change it?  Rush it in, and then delay care, delay help to people who need the help, delay paying doctors and hospitals for their services?  Why is the bill in proposal in the Senate still going to deny healthcare for “everyone” which was one of the fundamental plans you wanted during the campaign?  Why is this?  I can’t put it together in my mind why we have this huge rush for healthcare, when we have a major delay in helping our troops?  Where is your sense of dignity?  Where is your sense of right and wrong?  Why can’t you help our men and women in Afghanistan FIRST, before anything else?  Why can’t you focus on our economy and jobs, and get off the healthcare bill just temporarily?  Healthcare is not causing the economy to collapse.  Healthcare is one of the few industries still hiring people.  I wonder how this will change once you get your irresponsible healthcare plans pushed through?

Congratulations Mr. President on Being Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

You were nominated 12 days after your inaguration into the US Presidency.  I have to believe that definately the Nobel Peace Committee gave you this nomination, simply because you were not George W. Bush.  I feel they have been trying to embarass Mr. Bush ever since the beginning of his presidency.  Lets hope that you will honestly try to bring peace, to the American people.  The way things are now, I see more unrest and less peace in America than at any other time since the Vietnam war.  There are so many Americans suffering without jobs and without homes, lets hope you can bring things together for the good of America.  Lets hope you will refocus your efforts and begin to take a long look at America, and see how you can truely help us.  I hope you can also help bring peace among the races in America.  I see an elevation in racial tensions like I’ve never seen in my life of 40 years. 

Congratulations Mr. President.

Things Seem to be Going Out of Control October 8, 2009

I have an uneasy feeling about the mood of our country right now.  I don’t believe the politicians in Washington DC are listening to the American people one bit.  They are going to ram through this healthcare bill, and when they do, its going to be a disaster.  I still say that Obama never gave his “own” healthcare plan, so he could blame the congress when the thing fails. 

Will Olympic’s Officials Be Called Racists By Carter et al? Media Response

I wonder since the Olympics people didn’t give Obama the olympics, if these people who claim anyone who disagrees or dosn’t give Obama his way are racists?  It will be interesting to see if the race card gets pulled in this mess.  I can almost bet, Bush, Cheney, Fox News, Glenn Beck etc…. will be blamed for Chicago not getting the olympics.  You know, there is no way that those people in europe didn’t fall under Obama’s spell, unless they were racists and didn’t fall over themselves for him.  I mean, you know Obama is the King of the world in the minds of so many. 

The media response to Chicago being the first city to be rejected was quite humorous.  They were stunned, shocked, outraged that Obama’s presence in Copenhagen didn’t automatically give him God status with the Olympid officials.  Already David Axelrod claimed that the IOC officials were being “political” and that is why Chicago didn’t win.  He claimed on Fox News that there are mostly all European’s who are on the committee in the first place, and all of them have politics to consider in picking where the olympics go. Incredible!

Media Reaction:

President Obama sucking up, still couldn’t influence the IOC members! And some people blame President Bush ha!

CNN taking an honest look at Obamas

Olympics vs Afghanistan War vs Economy?

The president has decided to put all things on the back burner that are going on in this country, to go and pimp Chicago to the Olympics committee.  Now, I hate to think that Chicago would get the Olympics.  This is a city full of corruption and crime.  I don’t know that I’d feel safe having my olympian go there to compete in the olympics.  It’s been reported that President Obama has not spoken to his commander on the ground in Afghanistan since he was put in the job 70 days ago.  The president has also NOT done anything with the report that his General sent him in August, requesting MORE troops.  Since that assessment was sent to President Obama, 42 US troops and 1400 civilians have died in Afghanistan.  I believe that President Obama’s lack of experience has left him trying to play politics with Afghanistan.  He dosn’t realize that troops are now dying and he is personally responsible for it.  His lack of response to his General shows that he was lying to us about the war in Afghanistan being the “good war”, he is playing politics with it.  I fear Obama is going to cause this to become Vietnam. 

Our president and his wife, couldn’t even travel together to Copenhagen for the pimping of Chicago for the Olympics.  No, they took two seperate jets over there.  This from the President who has said we must save our “climate”.  They are putting a huge carbon footprint on this single trip.  Millions of dollars being spent on jet fuel alone during our economic problems. 

I worry now about weather we should stay in Afghanistan.  Maybe we should just bring the troops home, since the President is NOT doing the right thing by sending in more troops to help combat the problems that have gotten worse since Obama’s new plan for Afghanistan has gone into effect.

What’s Up With All The Terrorism Arrests – Terrorists Don’t Like Obama?

September 25, 2009 – I thought with the election of Barack Hussien Obama, that terrorists were going to quit hating America, and give up all of their plans to bomb us and take us out?  What’s happened?  I thought that if we just all tried to get along, and talk to our enemies, that the world would be a peaceful place, hence the election of Barack Hussien Obama.  Interesting that these terrorists who have been arrested over the past couple of days, don’t seem to care who is the leader of the free world, they just hate America, and don’t care who is the president.  That doesn’t seem to stop them from their planning and scheming to bomb us and kill Americans.  I said all along it wouldn’t matter.

Thank GOD for the FBI and the CIA in disrupting these plots.  I wonder how Nancy Pelosi feels now about the CIA? Are they lying about these terrorists plots?   This is a wake up call for America again.  We better not go to sleep.  We better keep our eyes open.

President Obama, HIMSELF, Doesn’t Have a Healthcare Plan – So He Can Vote Present Again.. September 20, 2009

I’ve figured it out!  I heard some commentators and talk show hosts discussing President Obama’s healthcare plan, which he discussed at his state of the union speech.  President Obama discussed his “plan” many times, discussing all of these grand ideas that those of us who have read the healthcare bill can find in the House version.  You want to know why the President is discussing HIS plan, and not the plan that congress has?  He is discussing what HE wants done, telling congress what he wants done, and when and if Obamacare becomes law, and things go south with our healthcare system, Obama can declare he only voted present on the healthcare bill. 

The reason he went to such lengths to discuss his plan with the congress, and the American people is so that he can say, “But I told congress what I wanted, and they didn’t deliver it”, again, if and when it fails.  This is classic Obama.  I’ve noticed a pattern with him along this line.  He always leaves himself an out, so that he can deny that he was in favor of anything that isn’t politically correct, if and when it fails or becomes unpopular with the people. 

Why do you think President Obama has not given congress a single bill for them to work on?  He can say, “it wasn’t my proposal”.  He can blame congress for the failure, again giving himself the “out” of accepting responsibility for anything that isn’t popular with the people.  He will say he voted present

This is probably the most irresponsible president we’ve had in the last 25 years.  This President doesn’t accept responsibility for anything. He wants healthcare passed, but he isn’t willing to give the congress HIS plan or his bill for them to  pass.   He doesn’t have a bill!  He claims he does, but he dosn’t!   It’s not politically judicious for him to put his name to an actual proposal.  This is his way of not having to accept responsibility for something that might go wrong,  he can blame congress for it.  He can say that congress is to blame and the ones who made the crappy bill, and he, trying to do the “peoples” will, went ahead, and signed it into law.

We will see, when President Obama has to sign on to the issue of defunding ACORN, if he will have the cajones to veto it, to go along with his principles, of supporting ACORN.  On the other hand, will the President sign it, throwing ACORN under the bus as he has with so many other supporters and close friends?

Here is one more thing about President Obama that I’ve noticed.  He has surrounded himself with so many advisors, counselors and people who helped prop him up during the campaign.  These are all of the people who told him, HOLD ON, and we will get you elected!  Now that President Obama has been elected, he doesn’t have a clue how to govern or lead our country.  He waits for his friends, confidents, and advisors to tell what the next step for him to take is.  This is why so many of these people are the ones who helped make out the cap and trade bill and the stimulus bill.  This is why President Obama can’t come up with a bill of his own.  He doesn’t have a clue how to do this!


Media Bias about 9-12  Tea Party in DC

I’ve posted 3 stories from 3 different media outlets about the Tea Party in Washington DC today and its amazing.  We have from “thousands protest” to “nearly 2 million”.  How can we have such a huge inconsistency in the numbers of people who were present.  They were saying that all of DC was shut down.  The highways were shut down and that from the capital to the Washington Monment people were out in droves.  I heard one blonde lady on early this morning on MSNBC say that all of the people who were in DC were “nutjobs”.  How is that objective reporting?  That is more personal opinion than reporting. 

Glenn Beck mentioned this today on his show, and I thought I would share it as well.  Below are some videos I’ve found from today, I’m sure there will be many more later and i’ll add them then.   

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age,against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12 (New King James Version)

Time Lapse Video of Tea Party on 9-12-09

President Obama, Can you hear them NOW?

CNN Drown out by Tea Partiers


Multi Media video of 912 in DC

Van Jones Resigns – I Hope Glenn Beck Has Protection

As Van Jones resigns, I truely hope that Glenn Beck has protection for himself and his family.  This guy is such a radical, Van Jones, that there is no telling what he will get his communist thug buddies to do to Glenn.  Seriously.  I hope he is in a safe place.  See my News page about what the Main Stream Media had to say about Jones before he resigned and what they said about him when he did finally resign.  Funny the guy resigned on a Saturday night, in the middle of the night.  You think that the President’s advisors might have instructed him to do that so that the American people won’t find out about Obama’s radical Green’s Czar??  You decide for yourself.

There is a Bill in Congress to Give President Obama Emergency Authority Over the Internet??

Can you imagine if President Bush or Vice President Cheney would have suggested such a thing?  Can you imagine any Republican in Congress suggesting such a thing?  The media would have gone berzerk over such a thing.  The conspiracy theorists would have gone crazy about it.  Yet, I fear if we question such a bill, we will be branded racist, right wing, thug, angry mob, astroturfers, teabagger, fear mongering Unamericans.  I mean when will this name calling end?  When will we be allowed to question Congress and the President without having to deflect all of this name calling?  I can’t recall a time when Republicans had control of congress that they resorted to calling people petty names like this. 

I don’t even want to think what would happen to the internet if this President decided he needed to take control over the internet.  He has already been an unqualified disaster trying to take over the car companies, banks etc.  They are still failing and no progress has been made in either the banking industry or the car companies to improve their lot in life.  Infact, more banks continue to fail on a daily basis. 

Reference: https://daisymaxwell.wordpress.com/2009/08/28/bill-would-give-president-emergency-control-of-internet/

Ted Kennedy Dead at age 77 – Rest in Peace

Poor Ted Kennedy.  First of all, Mr Kennedy had the law changed that would allow the Mass. governor to appoint someone to a vacated senate seat.  Kennedy got this done back in 2004, when he thought John Kerry would win, and Mitt Romney, a republican was in office.  A week before his death, he sent a letter to the current Mass governor, asking to reverse that law, now to favor democrats.  I think if this happens, it will be a lasting disgrace on Kennedy’s memory.  After Chappaquiddick isn’t bad enough, Kennedy’s political play from the grave will be disgusting travisty!  It might also be unconstitutional. 

But all of that politicsl stuff aside, I think we’ve lost someone that could teach Barack Obama a few things about working together with others.  Even President Bush worked together with democrats only to get stabbed in the back by them.  But President Bush did work with Ted Kennedy on education.  That speaks volumes about both men.  President Obama and his liberal democrat cronies, won’t work with anyone.  They will do whatever they please and screw the rest of  us and the country too. 

I believe this is the end of an era of working together in government.  I’m not so sure if Ted knew about the Czars that he would approve of what President Obama was doing. 

Democrats Will OWN Healthcare Disaster if They Can Get it Passed – August 19, 2009

Republicans, stand strong!! Don’t give into the socialists in DC and get sucked into voting for this healthcare bill.  If the democrats get this bill passed, they will own the disaster that will ensue.  Please stand strong! 

Let the Democrats own this disaster.  Let Obama keep on trying to distract the people by pretending that they’ve given up the “public option” which they’ve just changed the name of.  I mean does Obama actually REALLY believe that the American people are THIS stupid?? Hasn’t he learned that the American people are so well informed on this healthcare debate, like no other issue I’ve seen in my life.  If Obama believes they are really this stupid, he will see the uprising, thats happened during this August break, get even worse.  He will have no political capital left.  I believe that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid spent Obama’s political capital with the stimulus bill.  That has been an unqualified disaster! 

Stay strong Republicans! 

“We Better Stop, Hey, Whats That  Sound, Everybody Look What’s Going Down” Aug 14, 2009

Famous song lyrics from protest songs of the vietnam era.  I like these words because they apply to what is happening today with the generation who protested the vietnam war, are the seniors of today, protesting Barack Obama’s healthcare plan.  “There’s battle lines being drawn, Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong” also applies.  “Young people (and old people) speaking their minds”.  This song also mentions paranoia.  I believe that the Obama adminstration is suffering from some paranoia.  They have set up their “fishy flag email” request sight and that would be what this older generation would say “step out of line and the man will come and take you away”.  Isn’t it ironic that this particular song is almost an anthem for protests of today?  The protest against this healthcare bill?  Interesting isn’t it.   

What is next? Aug 13, 2009

I’ve been watching as real Americans have been coming out to town hall meetings all over the country, challenging their political leaders to stop Obama care.  All President Obama can say is “to those of you who made this mess, get out of our way”.  What an arrogant thing to say to the American people!  Real Americans, of all ages, coming out in droves to shout their displeasure with government take over of healthcare us unfathomable to the leftwing whacko liberals.  They can’t possibly understand Conservatives and Independents coming out to say NO to Obama.  First of all, those leftists arn’t used to Conservatives actually getting out and being loud and even rude occasionally, because they are the only ones who have the corner market in those tactics!  So they think!  I believe that we should be respectful, but demand our voices be heard.   They just don’t understand.  And then you have Ms. Nancy Pelosi, Queen nutjob out there saying that people have been taking swastikas to the town hall meetings?  Where is her proof?  I haven’t seen anyone in the video clips i’ve seen.  I’ve also attended those meetings and I’ve seen NO ONE being bused there or being told what to say to our leaders. 

Democrats actually believe they have a mandate from the voters to do this healthcare bill, but I’ve got news for them!  Even people who voted for Obama, are against this monstrosity!  All minorities should be especially afraid of this bill.  This will ration their care as well.  If you arn’t a productive citizen of this country, you stand the chance of having your healthcare rationed.  I don’t think the Obama adminstration understand what it will be like to wait in lines to get medications, and to get into to see doctors.  Many doctors speak of leaving their practices if this happens.  I know of many nurses who say they will not work under Obamacare because it will be a nightmare to have to see people being treated like third world countries treat their people. 

I hope the American people don’t allow Obama and his ilk shut them down and keep up telling their elected leaders what they think of Obama care.  I’m glad to see that some people have been arrested that have caused problems, and it dosn’t seem to be the protesters, but the agitators/liberals who are there to agitate the people who are protesting Obama care. 

America, keep up the good work.  Make Washington KNOW that we will not allow them to continue.  If they vote for this mess, they will lose their jobs!  Democrat of Republican! 

I’ve Taken a Little Break – August 5, 2009 – My Special Needs Daughter Take on Cutting Medicare

I’ve been away from this blog for a little while.  I find that just as the August recess is on the Congress, that the American people are finally getting out there and protestting the Obamacare plans.  I am so proud to see that everyday people like you and I are out there complaining.  Yet, if you watch the news media, they are trying to say that I’ve been paid by Insurance companies and special interest group to protest!  That is an absolute lie!  I am an American Citizen who is frightened by what I see our government about to pass for healthcare reform.  My own daughter who is a special needs child had this to say.  We were listening to the radio the other night, and somewhere on there, they said that “President Obama wants to cut medicare”.  She said, “What is wrong with the President?  If he does that, (her boyfriend) and I won’t be able to get the things we need!”  Now, I say, that is out of the mouth of a babe  and also exposes, The Emporer’s New Clothing!  This is a 22 year old who has the mind of about an 8 year old.  I almost wrecked my car when I heard her say that!  It brought tears to my eyes that she even said such a thing, that she could actually figure out that it meant she might not get what she needs if Medicare was cut.  See as it is now, her medicare was ended a couple of months ago by a glitch in the system, and until October, she is without any sort of health coverage.  This is what the federal government did to her, a disabled 22 year old who has been disabled all her life.  If they can do it to her, they can and will do it to us.

President Obama Says On ABC Healthcare Show – “No Surgery, Just Take Painkillers”

I am stunned!  Absolutely stunned that the President said this.  I’m going to post the comments he made about end of life decisions for the elderly.  And if he actually SAID this, on national TV, this might be the plan he has in mind for the elderly and the healthcare plans that he wants.  I hope all elderly people will see and hear what the President said.  It is SCARY!  Very SCARY!  The President actually SAID THIS!  I know that if he is actually saying this about end of life, that he may have his healthcare plan make these decisions for you.  Here is how Obama answered a question from a caregiver of someone who was 100 years old.  The caregiver said that if the procedure had been done that the doctors wanted done, the person wouldn’t have had to be in the hospital 3 or 4 times every month, which ultimately cost MORE money. 

OBAMA: Well, and — and that’s absolutely true. And end-of-life care is one of the most difficult sets of decisions that we’re going to have to make.  I don’t want bureaucracies making those decisions, but

understand that those decisions are already being made in one way or another. If they’re not being made under Medicare and Medicaid, they’re being made by private insurers. We don’t always make those

decisions explicitly. We often make those decisions by just letting people run out of money or making the deductibles so high or the out-of-pocket expenses so onerous that they just can’t afford the care. And all

we’re suggesting — and we’re not going to solve every difficult problem in terms of end-of-life care.  A lot of that is going to have to be, we as a culture and as a society starting to make better decisions within our

own families and for ourselves. But what we can do is make sure that at least some of the waste that exists in the system that’s not making anybody’s mom better, that is loading up on additional tests or additional

drugs that the evidence shows is not necessarily going to improve care, that at least we can let doctors know and your mom know that, you know what? Maybe this isn’t  going to help. Maybe you’re  better off not

having the surgery, but taking the painkiller.

And those kinds of decisions between doctors and patients, and making sure that our incentives are not preventing those good decision, and that — that doctors and hospitals all are aligned for patient care, that’s

something we can achieve. We’re not going to solve every single one of these very difficult decisions at end of life, and ultimately that’s going to be between physicians and patients. But we can make real progress

on this front if we work a little bit harder.

Why Do Politicians Have Affairs? Why Now? Why Ever? Wednesday June 24, 2009

I must comment on the most recent revelation about yet another Republican politician having an affair.  This time it was missing in action South Carolina Governor Sanford.  Can I say from the get go, that when I saw my Governor Perry working with this guy, I saw someone that I didn’t much care for.  I’m not sure why, but when I looked at the man in his eye, in pictures, I saw something that disturbed me.  Maybe it is because I am the ex wife of a former affair haver?  I don’t know, but something didn’t set well within me about the guy from the first time I saw him just a few months ago. 

I had a sneeky feeling when the reports surfaced about his disappearing and no one knew where he was, that maybe something had happened to him, until I heard his wife say that he has done this before.  I had a feeling then he may be having an affair off somewhere.  He has gone off without telling anyone, even his staff where he was going.  No wonder he skirted his security detail.  They would have revealed his affair.  What is even more sad, and a big disappointment to me is the man was AWOL from his role as the Governor of a state.  He apparently did not feel the need to shift power to his Lt. Governor, before he left on an out of country trip.  I believe his irresponsiblity is going to catch up to him.  I predict he may end up being impeached for his lack of responsiblity with his job as Governor of a state.  Imagine if some disaster had hit the state and he was no where to be found.  His staff and wife did not know how to contact him.  What a disturbing place to find the state of South Carolina in, having had no Governor on the job for the past week.  Fortunately nothing happened, but what if?

Elliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton, Mike Ensign, and now Mark Sanford.  Why do these politicians feel that its alright  to have an affair on their wives, while they are in such a position of responsiblity over all of us?  It disgusts me!  Any man who can so easily skirt his vows to his wife during marriage can just as easily skirt his responsibility as being the leader in the position they are in as a public servant.  I am totally disgussted by it!  Not that its a republican or democrat, that any of them do this!  How can peoplel trust politicians?  It is already hard enough to trust them with our taxes, economy, laws and yes, our very lives when it comes to responding to a national crisis. 

I think Governor Sanford should resign as Governor.  He has failed the people of his state and was totally gone for 7 days, with no backup in case of a major catostrophe happening in his state.  I hope the people of the state call for his resignation or at the most his impeachment.  Its a disgrace the way he was irresponsible.  Lets not even think about the fact this man has 4 lovely boys, and he was gone off with his mistress in a foreign country on Fathers Day!  Oh its disgusting! 

Problem With PBO, He is Trying to Vote Present on These Major Issues – June 22, 2009

I believe that some of the problems we are seeing with President Obama and his lack of assertiveness, is his attempt to vote present on all of these issues facing our country.  Rather than taking a stand, as the President of the United States, he is trying to duck and dodge having to make a decision and stick to it.  On national security, he is trying to vote present, on the economy, he is attempting to vote present to appease everyone.    We should have all seen  this coming when we were told how many times in the US Senate and the Ill Senate he voted present.  This was his way of hiding his agenda from everyone.  Now that he is president, we are discovering his reason for voting present on so many things.  It is ironic to me, that he did vote NO on the bill before the Ill Senate about allowing born alive botched aborted babies from being given care.  That one always bothered me.  Basically, he was in favor of infanticide.  I don’t care what his supporters say, that its not true, when you say NO to allowing a baby born alive from a botched abortion from being given medical care, that is an infant you are refusing care to.  There is no other way around it. 

Yes, President Vote Present is showing his true self and his lack of being able to make a capable decision and stick to it.  How many times have we already seen him reverse his decisions in his first 5 months in office?  Many times.  He is now firing people who are probing his buddies who supported his election campaign.  Lord, help our country, have mercy on us!

North Korea Testing Obama – June 18, 2009

There are stories out there about N Norea having sent a ship out to sea, that US military is tracking.  This ship possibly  has nuclear material, weapons, missiles etc. on board.  It will be interesting to find out where this ship was headed to.  I suspect possibly Iran or Yemen.  There is a question if the UN security council resolution would actually allow our US military to board the ship.  International law may allow for them to do so, if the ship has illegal documents or fake documents on board.  This will be interesting.

N Korea is planning on firing a missile towards Hawaii.  This is a direct threat to the United States.  I hope our president will see this as the threat of war that it is.  This is Joe Biden’s prediction during the campaigns of someone would try to test President Obama.  This is the big test.  This is the 3 am Call, and I think President Obama is asleep.   He is wanting to ram through his agenda in congress. He is potentially putting our country in danger.  He needs to get off of domestic agenda for just a bit, and focus on foreign relations, like with Iran.  He needs to refocus.  He needs to quit trying to ram though legislation and focus strictly on the economy and on issues with threats to our country.  He needs to slow down and take a deep breath. 

I believe the American people don’t like how they are rushing everything through.  He needs to take one step back and take a deep breath, and focus on the most important things facing America at the moment.  Threats of violence against the Unites States is top priority and also the economy.  Those two things should be his top priority at the moment.  Hopefully someone will tell him. 

I Am Predicting A Media Blitz About Republican Senator Mike Ensign’s Extramaritial Affair

I suspect that in the next few days, that the main stream media is going to go on a total media blitz about Republican Senator Mike Ensign’s extra-maritial affair.  I believe they will start pointing out the “moral” ineptitude of this “republican” who claims moral superiority.  Just Watch and see.  It is June 16, 2009, I am going to wait and see if I get a CNN Breaking news story on that.  I bet I will.  Oh I just checked Google, and what do you know!  It is already headline on the top of their news tab!  How about that! 

Maybe It’s Just Me But…… June 16, 2009

I’ve noticed people are still so easily offended if you question anything that President Obama is doing.  I don’t understand this one bit.  These are the same people who were so angry with President Bush from day one, over any and every single thing he did.  Now that President Obama is doing what they fussed about, they don’t even care.  Why is that you ask?  Well, its because of politics.  They don’t care about doing the right thing, when it has to do with our country.  They only want to the politically right thing, so they can be in office.  I suspect that by the time this congress and this President get to the end of this year, they will see their numbers in congress drop so much, that it will make their heads spin! 

I saw on the news somewhere that now, ABC News is going to allow the Obama adminstration to use them to propagandize the American people about this healthcare bill.  They are in such a rush to pass this bill that they are going to do everything including lie to the American people to get it passed.  Same thing with the stimulus bill, the one none of our representatives read that was passed.  Oh, except for Republican representatives.  The ones in the House all voted NO on that bill.  The stimulus bill is still not working.  Infact, they’ve only spent 6% of it, and on their little pet projects.  They haven’t stimulated anything except their greedy little fingers! 

This economy is now owned by Obama.  He has had enough time to do things to actually affect the economy.  Remember when President Bush gave out those stimulus rebate checks to everyone?  It stimulated the economy big time!  Well, not everyone is getting a stimulus check rebate.  Only some.  And, we are seeing our government spending like drunken sailors, with deficits that are in the trillions, which is much more than it ever was during the Bush adminstration.  But, PBO is still blaming President Bush, even though he could have done so much more by now to affect the economy. 

I will continue to question President Obama, the same way I questioned President Bush.  I am more worried at the moment of a terror attack hitting our country because what that will do to our economy, is way worse than what is going on right now.  I just pray that someone in Washington is actually looking out for us.  I believe my Texas senator and house rep. are looking out for us here in Texas.  They have voted against Obama’s spending plans. 

Sarah Palin in Central Texas – Welcome to Texas Governor June 14, 2009

texaswelcomeIt would be great to see Sarah Palin endorse Rick Perry for governor.  Too bad Rick Perry fell in his bike accident this past weekend and broke his collar bone.  2 Texans I know of who’ve broken their arms from Texas.  Lance Armstrong also broke his collar bone back in March during a bike race in Spain.  Love to see Sarah Palin and Rick Perry join forces to get into the election together in 2012 possibly!! Check farther down in my blog here to see my prediction of who I think will be running for President/Vice President in 2012.  They sure look great together!!





Listening to Glenn Beck on TV – Czars… June 15, 2009

Glenn Beck is talking about “Cow-Fart Czars”!  Thats pretty funny, but it sure could happen.  We have as many Czars as Russia had back in the day.  That is a frightening scenerio.  I predict that the need for these Czars is that when a mistake happens, PBO can blame the Czar, and they can be beheaded in the Media, rather than PBO and his policies.  This is just a feeling I have, but I believe PBO won’t ever take responsiblity for his actions and his ideas and his policies.  He is setting up stooges ie Czars to be in charge of this stuff so he can blame them.  This is a pre-election step to keep him from being responsible for anything.  I suspect Geitner will be canned before the next election, because PBO can blame him for the worsening of the economy, and he can blame Geitner, heck Geitner cheated on his taxes, so we will all be looking over there, while PBO goes on to something else.  We will be distracted from the fact PBO is passing the blame.  Look what happened with the Air Force One flight.  Someone was made to take the fall for that, when that plane is PBO’s personal plane! 

Are we a Judeo-Christian Nation?? June 15, 2009

Ask Representative Randy Forbes.  He said it best on the floor of the House of representatives.  I believe we are and have always been a Judeo-Christian nation. 

Listened to MSNBC for the First Time in Maybe a Year – Wow What a Shock!!  Another Media Hag Bashing Sarah Palin!

Look at this woman’s face.  Boy is she ever angry!  And the Ziegler, whom she demanded “cut the mic” on him, is sitting there smiling, and laughing at her.  Here is this MSNBC chick, “Cut the Mic” because she disagreed so much with what Ziegler was saying to her about her network and Sarah Palin.  She seemed so offended that Ziegler didn’t come out kicking Sarah Palin for being insulted by Dave Letterman’s top10 list.  Is this really a woman?  How can she not understand someone being offended about his joke to rape her 14 year old daughter Willow who attended NY Yankee game with her?  This woman is amazing!  Her bias is so blatent!  This woman didn’t care about the story.  She only wanted to trash Palin.  She didn’t care about Palin’s being outraged or offended.  She began her question by saying “Why are her feelings so hurt?” WHAT?? WHAT?? Why are her feelings hurt?  What kind of cajones does this woman who I suspect may be a man have?  She dosn’t understand?  Ziegler obviously said the right thing when he told her that he would think that her as a woman should understand someone being offended by being called slutty.  Amazing!  Just amazing the bias of MSNBC.  Its OBAMA PROPAGANDA 100% and ANTI-CONSERVATIVE 100%!  Its such a disgrace.  This woman is obviously frightened of Sarah Palin or she wouldn’t have taken the low road on this interview. 

Ok, So I Should Pray For President Barack Obama June 12, 2009

I am in a quandry as a Christian.  My bible tells me that I should pray for people in power over us.  I am struggling with this so very much because I so disagree with everything President O is doing with our country.  He goes against everything that I fundementally believe in as a Christian.  When he first took office, the most pressing issue at hand was the Economy.  Now being that I have done a lot of research on the Presidential Candidates, I did not find any economic or business experience in P.O’s background.  I had hoped that he was going to surround himself with very wise council, like economists and business people who were experienced with these things.  I fear that he did not and that the economic outlook is pretty grim for the country.  I also thought that the things I heard the opposition saying about him might not be right.  That he might actually be a centrist, but yet again, I was so wrong.  He has gone so far to the left, that Hugo Chavez is laughing at how far to the left he has gone compared to Chavez himself and Fidel Castro!  When I heard this, I knew that things were not good. 

I have indeed paid a lot of attention to the things that have been going on with the adminstration and what the Democrats who are in total control of our government have been doing.   I have watched these people spend our children and grandchildrens future generations of financial prosperity like they are drunken sailors!  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to see them actually do such a thing.  Things they complained about President Bush doing, which he DID NOT do, they ARE doing themselves!!   

Back to the Christian thing.  I believe what we have elected as a nation (I did not vote for him) is a wolf in sheeps clothing.  My soul is truely troubled by having this man as our President.   This man has presented himself as one thing then turned around and is something completely different.  He claimed to be a Christian, saying he had accepted Jesus as his Lord, but I do not see someone who is in possession of the fruits of the spirit.  I see someone who is deceiving us all the way!  The Republicans who were running for office knew what he was about.   They obviously knew more about his background than any of the general public ever knew.  Oh, that is because the main stream media is fully onboard as his personal propaganda machines.  They don’t repeat any negatives about him.  NOOO, they don’t do that!  They fear they will be called racists, like Rush Limbaugh and many others have who have challenged the things that Mr. O is doing. 

We’ve been taken for a grand ride on the deception express!  In my heart thought, I feel like I knew this about him.  I felt like when I looked into his eyes, I was not seeing a man who was being completely honest with us.  Like when he said deciding if abortion is murdering a child, was “above my paygrade”, I knew that the man was not what he presented himself to be.  He is a cunning politician and he has been groomed by someone very savvy in making him into this man who can charm the socks off of an old man in the winter!  He claimed that he wanted bipartisanism to return to Washington, but the democrat elites will have none of that!  No, they must rectify what they see as the disaster of President Bush’s adminstration. 

Right now, I sure wish for President Bush again.  That we had 4% unemployment and DOW 14,000 and a housing market that was functioning.  I wish we wern’t at odds with our allies like we are now, with President Sarcozy of France and President Angela Merkel of Germany.  President Bush was on good footing with both of these leaders.  Maybe they saw something in President Obama’s eyes, that the average person in America can’t see.  Maybe they saw the difference in the man that was President George Bush in comparison to his successor. 

I am working on praying for him.  I ask that any of you able, also pray for him, that God may have mercy on us, and change his heart with reguard to how great our country is.  I feel President O dosn’t really like America. 

Here is my Pick for President in 2012 – June 6, 2009

Governor Rick Perry President/Governor Sarah Palin Vice President

Rick and Sarah






Governor Rick Perry and Governor Sarah Palin.  Don’t they look great together?  They look like a winning team in my humble opinion.  Rick Perry has governored Texas during this economic hard time and we are in fine shape with jobs, housing industry,  money and the business industry is booming in this state.  I’m glad people arn’t coming here from California, with the exception to a couple of my friends there who would fit in great here.  We are weathering this mess in DC much better because our governor has been fiscally responsible for the past 9 years he has been governor of this fine state.

Governor Sarah Palin  and Governor Rick Perry make a great team.  I know they are both on the same page about what is going on in their states.  Fiscal responsibility and business sense has made both of these people very qualified to be president or vice president.  They both live in mineral rich states and understand about our need for getting off of foreign oil and alternative fuels and drill baby drill!  palin-grp

President Obama Released Secret Nuclear Info and Made the USA a Muslim Nation?

I was reading the story earlier this week and posted on my News and Politics page about how the Obama adminstration released confidential information about our nuclear sites all over the country, including information about our nuclear weapons and where they are stored.  226 pages of information was put on the internet “accidently” by a transmission from the President himself.  This was all in an attempt to notify congress about our nuclear information so that it could be given to the UN IAEA.  This is an attempt on the part of the Obama adminstration to get nations like N Korea and Iran to hopefully, if we ask nicely, and reveal all of our information to the world, that they will stop proliferating nuclear technology.  Yeah RIGHT!  If we reveal all of our secrets, that makes us more weak.  This information was apparently on this website for a day before it was discovered and immediately removed.  I wonder how many terrorists had a chance to see all of that info and copy and paste it the way I copy and paste news stories into word documents all the time for future references? 

Now Mr. Obama has gone to Egypt.  But before he got to Egypt, he revealed that the United States is on of the biggest muslim nations in the world!  Now this really chaps my backside, considering that this same guy told a group meeting in Turkey, that the United States was not a Christian nation, even though our very founding was based on Christian principles and laws.  So in less than 6 months, our President has changed us from a Christian nation to a Muslim nation.  Does anyone else find this disturbing?  Does anyone else think its also disturbing about our nuclear secrets being broadcast online for anyone to copy? 

The mainstream media seems totally oblivious to this.  I guess they think it is better to be a muslim nation, in hopes that terrorists won’t attack us anymore.  I’ve got news for you, Mr. Obama.  Terrorists have been killing fellow muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and Iraq long before you decided the way to fight terrorism was to join them.  It is almost beyond my comprehension how in 6 months we’ve had a total change in the very foundations of this nation.  I guess the next thing Mr. Obama plans to do is make us poor and unable to function like Pakistan, Afghanistan and other muslim nations where the poor live in the streets and if you don’t follow the leadership of the land, you get your head chopped off? 

Dissent is not well tolerated in muslim nations, so in essence, that aspect of Obama’s Adminstration is already in full force.  No dissent to his adminstration is allowed, in this the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.  It absolutely blows my mind!  If you question Mr. Obama, you get vilified and trashed in the media, by Obama’s propagandists, our own Media.  They do his bidding and don’t report anything objective anymore.  They strictly tow Obama’s party line of no dissent allowed.  At least in the republican party, dissent is allowed, which is puzzling to most in the liberal media and liberal democrats, who have been taught to follow party line 100%.  No wonder they think the Republican party is falling apart, according to the propagandists of the Main Stream Media.  I guess if you tell a lie long enough, soon everyone will believe it. 

Do You Ever Get Disgusted Watching The News?

I had to take a day off from watching the news yesterday.  I just couldn’t stand another minute.  It is so depressing. It depends on which media outlet you watch, but for the most part, it is all about how we are in the greatest depression ever, and it is all President Bush’s fault.  Lets not even consider that the Obama adminstration with congress’s help, has increased our national debt by 4 trillion dollars in his first 100 days in office.  Our dollar is now on the decline over fears of the debt that has mounted. 

I just need a day or two to get some persective.  Living in Texass, we are not having the bad times that I see on the news.  Our state is no where near being bankrupt like California is.  Infact, if you’d like a job, Texas is still creating more jobs.  Its amazing that no one has given us much attention about this fact.  Makes you wonder how California and Texas differ on spending dosn’t it?  In Texas, our constitution states we must have a balanced budget and we don’t have debt.  We also have a lot of industry in this state.  Not to meniton the oil and gas that is in this state.  But the thing is, we do not have a state tax and we still manage to have a balanced budget every year.  You want to know the difference in Texas and California.  Texas is not a union state.  That is on glaring difference.  Texas also has a republican controlled congress and Governor.  Our people here are fiscal conservatives.  Our Republicans are not like the Washington DC republicans who get up there and forget about fiscal responsiblity. 

Those are a couple of the differences in California and Texas that I can see just from a quick observation.

I’ve recently joined twitter and facebook and myspace.  That is a lot of stuff to keep up with.  I do hope the republican party takes advantage of keeping up with the technology age and uses these things to speak to republicans.

May 27, 2009


One comment on “My Blog and Musings

  1. Sad American
    May 11, 2012

    Crooked Banks…
    I think President Obama is asleep and wants to sleep for another four years. The government gives money to the banks to help people with their mortgages. The banks refuse to help in the hope of taking the homes away from people. One example, a couple applied for a loan modification after losing their jobs. IndyMac Mortgage Services a division of OneWest Bank ® denied the modification on the basis of no full time employment. The modification should have been granted because these people needed help. If they have a job they don’t need a modification. If the couple still can’t pay the monthly payments after the modification then the bank can take their home. The people who lost their home after their modification was denied should be able to sue the banks. Since IndyMac denied the modification two years ago the couple continued to make their payments at a high rate without any help from neither the bank nor the government. They are still unemployed and working part time jobs with four children. Their diet is mostly potato chips. Who can help these people and this country? When can these people take a vacation and start creating jobs for other people? I have seen too many people lose their homes. Wake up Obama the banks are crooks!

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